external hub to shaft connectionsexternal hub to shaft connections

(shrink discs)(shrink discs)

Abb. Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen von TAS Schäfer

Shrink Discs (external hub to shaft connections)
find their use in particular in the following applications:

- Hollow Shaft Gearboxes
- Presses and Punching Machines
- Crushers, Hammer Mills
- Wood processing and handling equipment
- Pumps, Compressors, Turbines
- Couplings
- Brakes


Shrink Disc Type TAS 3173 (Mini-Range)                                    
Shrink Disc Type TAS 3171 (Standard-Range)
Shrink Disc Type TAS 3181 (Standard-Range strengthened)
Shrink Disc Type TAS 3191 (Heavy-Range)
Shrink Disc Type TAS 3193 (Heavy-Range strengthened)
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Basics - Calculation
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