Shrink discs, 2-part

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Shrink discs, 2-piece (torque-controlled)

  • Compensate for an elevated fit game
  • Various finishes and special finishes possible
  • Transmittable torque 36Nm to 3.356.000 Nm
  • Nominal diameter of 14mm up to 660mm
  • Easy Assembly and disassembly

2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) are external clamping elements, which consist of a pressure ring and a sleeve. By Tightening the clamping screws with a predetermined tightening torque is pulled, the pressure ring axially on the sleeve. Through the use of conical surfaces of the inner diameter of the sleeve is reduced, resulting in a radial clamping force on the hollow shaft is to be exercised. The shrink disc connection, clamping force is applied to a Frictional connection is formed on the contact surfaces between the shaft and the hub. 2-Part shrink discs angle compared to the 3-part shrink discs a smaller Cone, it is located in the self-inhibition. Due to the small cone angle, it is necessary that the sleeve has additional imprint thread. With the help of this fingerprint thread pressure ring and sleeve of the demo can be days apart. 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) have a defined Aufschubweg, as a result, the installation can be done without a torque wrench. The span of the 2-part shrink disc screws (displacement-controlled) have to be tightened evenly so around the table until the end of the sleeve is flush to the front side of the pressure ring. In the catalog specified torques can be transferred as soon as this Monday state is reached.

2-panel shrink discs (displacement-controlled) is available in 3 different versions. For the smallest torque and small spaces, the series TAS 3173 offers. At high, to very high transmissible torques, can be between the TAS 3381 and the TAS 3393 chosen. Depending on the space that is available, and the required torque, we will find together the right solution for you. Also for a special anti-corrosion protection, or low-temperature environments, appropriate solutions can be offered.

2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) can transfer 20% -30% higher torques. In connection with the simplified handling, have proven to be the 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled), especially in the field of mining and conveyor technology in practice. By default, this shrink discs, but in the whole area of frictional shaft-hub-Connections, e.g. the drive technology, Oil and gas industry, wood industry or hollow shaft transmissions.


Standard Series (3171)


Standard series reinforced (3181)


Heavy Series (3191)


Heavy series reinforced (3193)

Shrink discs

The shrink disc connection is a frictional shaft-hub connection, which is used to fix the hollow shaft or hub game free on the shaft. As an alternative to 2-part shrink discs TAS manufactures Schäfer also 3-part shrink discs as well as Hydraulic Shrink Discs. In particular, the hydraulic shrink discs offer the customer a huge time advantage during clamping. During mechanical joints may sometimes take several hours of Assembly time, are clamped hydraulic shrink discs with the help of the oil Pressure within a few minutes. The construction is based on a 3-part shrink disc, which consists of a compression ring with thread, a pressure ring with through holes, and a slotted inner ring. 3-part shrink discs in comparison to 2-part shrink discs with a larger cone angle. This ensures that it can solve the disassembly of the clamping enough screws to the shrink disc connection to dismantle. The use of fingerprint screws is here compared to a 2-part shrink discs are not necessary. By your way, 3-part shrink discs are capable of a greater Clearance during Assembly, without a call to bridge the values of torque losses. The seat of the shrink disc can have comparatively a bigger game.

The General applications of the 3-part shrink discs, 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) and 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) sind jedoch zumeist identisch. Die Einsatzbereiche sind beispielsweise (Windkraft, Antriebstechnik, Rohstoffgewinnung, Fördertechnik, Zerkleinerungstechnik, Misch- und Verfahrenstechnik sowie auf Hohlwellengetrieben sämtlicher Fabrikate). 3-teilige Schrumpfscheiben werden zudem auf Wellenkupplungen ,,TAS WK,, und Flanschkupplungen ,,TAS FK,, und ,,TAS FKB,, eingesetzt.

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