3-part shrink discs

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Shrink discs 3-piece

  • Easy Assembly and disassembly
  • Compensate for an elevated fit game
  • Transmittable torque of 27Nm to 12.541.000 Nm
  • Nominal diameter of 14mm up to 1000mm
  • Various finishes and special finishes possible

3-part shrink discs are external clamping elements and consist of a pressure ring with a thread, a pressure ring with through holes, and a slotted inner ring. By Tightening the clamping screws with the specified tightening torque the two pressure rings of the 3-array I shrink disc move on to the slotted inner ring to each other. By the use of tapered surfaces of the inner diameter of the inner ring, which exerts a radial clamping force on the hollow shaft is reduced. The clamping force is applied to the shrink disc connection is generated at the contact surfaces between the shaft and the hub of a Friction connection. Compared to the 2-part shrink discs 3-part shrink discs have a larger cone angle. This has the advantage that, in the case of disassembly is sufficient to loosen the clamping screws of the shrink disc connection to dismantle. On the base of the larger cone angle, which is located outside of the self-locking, can be dispensed with screws on the use of Extraction. This shortens the demo times of the day. Furthermore, it can be compensated for by the use of slotted inside a larger fit rings game between the hollow shaft and the shaft. Compared to the 2-part shrink discs, this is also the case of larger nominal diameters usual.

3-panel shrink discs are available in various designs. Depending on the space that is available, and the required torque, we will find together the right solution for you. Half or split versions as they come, for example, often to the wheels used with the 3-piece heat-shrink disc.

These properties of the 3-part shrink disc is a flexible product, which comes in a whole range of frictional shaft-hub-Connections, e.g. the drive technology, Oil and gas industry, wood industry or hollow shaft transmissions.


Mini-Series (3073)


Light Series (3051)

Shrink discs 3-piece

Semi-divided (3051)


Standard (3071)


Semi-divided (3071)


Standard series reinforced (3081)

Hydraulically manages to tension products

Heavy Series (3091)


Semi-divided (3091)

Hydraulically manages to tension products

Heavy series reinforced (3093)


Type 52

Shrink discs

Shrink disc connections are frictionally engaged shaft-hub-Connections for backlash-free mounting of the hollow shaft or hub to the shaft. As an alternative to the 3-part shrink disc TAS manufactures Schäfer also Hydraulic Shrink Discs and 2-teilige Schrumpfscheiben (Weg-gesteuert). Diese haben den Vorteil, dass ein Drehmomentschlüssel bei der Montage nicht zwingend erforderlich ist. Gerade an Orten mit schwierigen Einsatzbedingungen wie beispielsweise im Bergbau oder der Fördertechnik, an denen es schwierig ist, den Montagevorgang mit einem Drehmomentschlüssel zu kontrollieren, haben sich 2-teiligen Schrumpfscheiben (Weg-gesteuert) in der Praxis bewährt. Im Vergleich zwischen 3-teiligen Schrumpfscheiben und 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled), können 2-teilige Schrumpfscheiben (Weg-gesteuert) ein 20%-30% höheres Drehmoment übertragen. Hydraulische Schrumpfscheiben dagegen bieten eine enorme Zeitersparnis durch das Verspannen in nur wenigen Minuten. Überall wo eine schnelle und sichere Verbindung von Welle und Nabe erforderlich ist, kommen hydraulisch spannbare Schrumpfscheiben zum Einsatz.

The General applications of hydraulic shrink discs, 3-part shrink discs, 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) and 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled), however, are mostly equal. The areas of application are, for example, (wind power, drive technology, raw material extraction, material handling, size reduction technology, mixing technology and process engineering as well as on the hollow shaft gearboxes of all makes).

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