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Shaft couplings

Shaft couplings

  • Compact Design
  • Rigid and backlash-free connection of shaft ends
  • Transmittable torque of 80Nm to 1.513.000 Nm
  • Shaft diameters from 10mm up to 420mm
  • Individual special solutions possible

Rigid shaft couplings of the series "W", "SSC", "WLB" and "WK" is intended for the safe and backlash-free connection of two shaft. They are rings made of a connecting sleeve and two Printing. Depending on the series, the shaft couplings with a connecting sleeve and two shrink discs. This functional principle is the same for all series are the same. Each print rings or shrink discs generate a radial pressure on the functional surfaces of the connecting sleeve, causing a frictional connection between the connecting sleeve and the shaft is generated.

Due to the frictional connection of the two ends of the shaft torques, and bending moments and axial forces can be transmitted securely. The advantage of shaft couplings, series "W", "SSC", "WLB" and "WK" is their compact design. This is in comparison to the other compounds significantly smaller.

Compared to flexible shaft couplings rigid shaft coupling the drive or transmission page must be stored elastically. The rigid shaft coupling is not due to your connection type in the location of a wave compensate for misalignment. This means that the shafts must be aligned prior to installation carefully to each other. Shocks, deformations or vibrations are compensated by the elastic part of the drive train.

The shaft couplings of the series "W", "SSC", "WLB" and "WK" for example, in the shipping industry, conveyor technology, mixing technology and process engineering as well as in the whole of the drive technology where a secure, play-free connection of two shaft ends is required.


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Type WK

Types Of Shaft Couplings

TAS Schäfer shaft couplings are available in different designs. Depending on the requirements and specifications of the fitting shaft can be clutch from the series "W", "SSC", "WLB" and "WK" to choose. The most compact design on the shaft coupling of the series "W" is. These are, by default, for shaft diameters from 10mm up to 270mm. Special diameter, such as, for example, inch dimensions are easily implemented. Furthermore, we manufacture our shaft couplings with improved corrosion protection as well as special finishes. To shaft ends to be connected with a broader wave of distance to each other, are the couplings of the series, "SSC", "WLB" and "WK". The connection sleeve of these shaft couplings are specially designed for larger distances and can be adjusted to any customer requirement

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