3-part shrink discs

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Shrink discs 3-piece

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Compensation of an increased fitting clearance
  • Transmittable torque from 27Nm bis 12.541.000Nm
  • Nominal diameter from 14mm bis 1000mm
  • Different designs and special surface finish possible

3-part shrink discs are external clamping elements and consist of a pressure ring with thread, a pressure ring with through holes and a slotted inner ring. By tightening the clamping screws with the specified tightening torque, the two pressure rings of the 3-part shrink disc move towards each other on the slotted inner ring. The use of conical surfaces reduces the inner diameter of the inner ring, which applies a radial clamping force to the hollow shaft. The applied clamping force of the shrink disc connection creates a frictional connection at the contact surfaces between the shaft and hub. Compared to 2-part shrink discs, 3-part shrink discs have a larger cone angle. This has the advantage that it is sufficient to loosen the clamping screws to disassemble the shrink disc connection. Due to the larger cone angle, which is outside the self-locking area, the use of push-off screws can be dispensed with. This reduces disassembly times. Furthermore, the use of slotted inner rings can compensate for a larger fitting tolerance between the hollow shaft and the shaft. Compared to 2-part shrink discs, this is also common for larger nominal diameters.

3-part shrink discs are available in various designs. Depending on the installation space available to you and the required torque, we will work together to find the right solution for you. Half or split designs, such as those frequently used on impellers, are also possible with the 3-part shrink disc

These properties make the 3-part shrink disc a flexible product that can be used in the entire field of frictionally engaged shaft-hub connections, e.g. in drive technology, the oil and gas industry, the wood industry or hollow shaft gearboxes.


Mini-Range (3073)


Light-Range (3051)

Shrink discs 3-piece

Light-Range Split (3051)


Standard-Range (3071)


Standard-Range Split (3071)


Standard-Range (Strengthened) (3081)

Hydraulic Shrink Discs

Heavy-Range (3091)


Heavy-Range Split (3091)

Hydraulic Shrink Discs

Heavy-Range (Strengthened) (3093)


Type 52

Shrink discs

Shrink disc connections are frictionally engaged shaft-hub connections for backlash-free mounting of hollow shafts or hubs on shafts. As an alternative to the 3-part shrink disc, TAS Schäfer also offers hydraulic shrink discs and 2-part shrink discs (path-controlled). These have the advantage that a torque wrench is not absolutely necessary during assembly. Especially in places with difficult operating conditions, such as mining or materials handling, where it is difficult to control the assembly process with a torque wrench, 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) have proven themselves in practice. Compared between 3-part shrink discs and 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled), 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) can transmit 20%-30% higher torque. Hydraulic shrink discs, on the other hand, offer enormous time savings by clamping in just a few minutes. Wherever a quick and secure connection of shaft and hub is required, hydraulic clamping shrink discs are used.

However, the general applications of hydraulic shrink discs, 3-part shrink discs, 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) and 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) are mostly the same. The areas of application are for example (wind power, drive technology, raw material extraction, conveying technology, crushing technology, mixing and process technology as well as on hollow shaft gearboxes of all makes).

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