Flange couplings

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Flange couplings

  • High transmissible torques with short installation length
  • Transmission of dynamic loads
  • Transmittable torque of 830Nm to 2.742.000 Nm
  • Nominal diameter of 38mm up to 500mm
  • Individual special solutions possible
  • Special anti-corrosion protection possible

The flange couplings of the series "FK" and "early childhood" by TAS Schäfer are rigid solutions for the connection of two shaft. This can be used as a whole flange coupling consists of 2 Flanges and 2 shrink discs or, alternatively, as half-flange coupling, consisting of a Flange and a shrink disc to be. The main function of a rigid flange coupling is secure and free of Play, connect two shafts by means of frictional contact. Flange couplings of the "FK" and "early childhood" are directly on the flanges separable. This simplifies the installation on the respective shaft ends. The Flange-mounted shrink discs to create a play-free connection by pressing the flange hubs on the shaft. Flange couplings are in the first line of this torques is designed to transfer. Bending moments and axial forces can be sure the flange couplings type "FK" and "early childhood" is transferred.

The flange couplings are mounted, shrink discs only provide the required forces and transferred even halves of no force or torque between shafts and Flange. You are not, therefore, in the power flow.

The Assembly takes place by the Sliding of each of the Flange on the shaft ends and the subsequent distortion of the Shrink disc. In the last step, each of the flange to be connected halves by means of a screw connection.

TAS flange couplings of the series "FK" and "early childhood" find their application, for example, in the marine technology, wind power technology, conveyor technology, mixing and process engineering, hydropower engineering, as well as in crushing plants and elevators.










FK half-execution


FKS half-execution


FK with a large difference in Diameter




FKE half-execution

FKE-220_3_flanschkupplungen-mechanical-products matrix

FKE + HY clamping tool

Types Of Flange Couplings

TAS Schäfer flange couplings prove highly loaded drives their special quality, and robustness through a safe and backlash Frictional connection. The easy mounting and disassembly work in comparison to thermal or form positive solutions for the maintenance of the drives is a key factor. TAS Schäfer flange couplings are available in different designs. For smaller Spaces, we recommend using our flange coupling of the series "early childhood". In this case, the shrink discs turn through 180° on the Flange is positioned. The screw connection of the Shrink disc is carried out by means of a hexagon socket head blade screws through the Flange. As a result, the flange, the coupling can also be used on equipment where the side of the Shrink disc is no room for a suitable tool to clamp the Shrink disc is present. The use of hydraulic shrink discs is also possible. TAS Schäfer flange couplings can not only drive the masses, but also braking. For this we offer our flange couplings, either, with brake disc. Mounting to existing discs is also possible, necessary adjustments to our flange couplings, we like to take.

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