Shrink discs, 2-part

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Tas 3171 200 Mechanisch Schrumpfscheiben 2 Teilig Produkte

Shrink discs, 2-piece (torque-controlled)

  • Compensation of an increased fitting clearance
  • Different designs and special surface finish possible
  • Transmittable torque from 36Nm to 3,356,000Nm
  • Nominal diameter from 14mm to 660mm
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

The 2-part shrink disc (torque-controlled) is an external clamping element consisting of a pressure ring and a sleeve. By tightening the clamping screw with the specified screw tightening torque, the pressure ring is pulled axially onto the sleeve. By using conical surfaces, the inner diameter of the sleeve is reduced so that a radial clamping force is applied to the hollow shaft. The clamping force applied by the shrink disc connection creates a frictional connection at the contact surface between the shaft and hub. Compared to the 3-part shrink disc, the 2-part shrink disc has a smaller cone angle and a self-locking function. Due to the small cone angle, the sleeve has additional push-off threads which allow the pressure ring and sleeve to be pressed apart during disassembly. The 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) do not have a defined clamping travel. This enables them to compensate for a larger fitting tolerance during assembly. The clamping screws of the 2-part shrink disc (torque-controlled) are tightened evenly in sequence until the specified screw tightening torque is reached. When this assembly condition is reached, it is ensured that the torques specified in the catalog can be transmitted. 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) are available in various designs. Depending on the installation space available to you, the required torque or special environmental requirements, we will work together to find the right solution for you.

The 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) can generally transmit the same torque as 3-part shrink discs and differ only in their design. As standard, 2-part shrink discs are used in the same way as 3-part shrink discs in the entire area of frictionally engaged shaft-hub connections, e.g. in drive technology, the oil and gas industry, the wood industry or hollow shaft gearboxes.
Tas 3171 200 Mechanisch Schrumpfscheiben 2 Teilig Produkte 300x300

Standard Series (3171)

Tas 3171 200 Mechanisch Schrumpfscheiben 2 Teilig Produkte 300x300

Standard series STRENGTHENED (3181)

Tas 3191 200 Mechanisch Schrumpfscheiben 2 Teilig Produkte 300x300

Heavy Series (3191)

Tas 3191 200 Mechanisch Schrumpfscheiben 2 Teilig Produkte 300x300

Heavy series STRENGTHENED (3193)

Shrink discs

The shrink disc connection is a frictionally engaged shaft-hub connection which serves to fix the hollow shaft or hub on the shaft without backlash. As an alternative to 2-part shrink discs, TAS Schäfer also manufactures 3-part shrink discs as well as Hydraulic Shrink DiscsEspecially the hydraulic shrink discs offer customers an enormous time advantage when clamping. While mechanical shrink discs sometimes require several hours of assembly time, hydraulic shrink discs are clamped within a few minutes with the help of oil pressure. The design is based on a 3-part shrink disc, which consists of a pressure ring with thread, a pressure ring with through holes and a slotted inner ring. 3-part shrink discs have a larger cone angle compared to 2-part shrink discs. This ensures that it is sufficient to loosen the clamping screws to dismantle the shrink disc connection. The use of push-off screws is not necessary here in comparison to 2-piece shrink discs. Due to the way they function, 3-part shrink discs are able to compensate for a larger fitting tolerance during assembly without any significant loss of torque. The fit of the shrink disc can also have a comparatively larger clearance.

However, the general applications of 3-part shrink discs, 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled) and 2-part shrink discs (torque-controlled) are mostly identical. The areas of application are, for example (wind power, drive technology, raw material extraction, conveying technology, crushing technology, mixing and process technology as well as on hollow shaft gearboxes of all makes). 3-part shrink discs are also used on shaft couplings ,,TAS WK,, and flange couplings ,,TAS FK,, and ,,TAS FKB,.

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