Adapter flanges

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Adapter flanges

  • High transmissible torques with short installation length
  • Transmission of dynamic loads
  • Transmittable torque of 20Nm to 426.000 Nm
  • Shaft diameter from 11mm to 1000mm
  • Short installation time / cost advantages compared to flange couplings
  • Easy Disassembly

With mounting flanges/ external clamping elements of the series "AFS", "AF-12", "AF-22" and "AF-23" can be safe disk-shaped add-on parts, such as brake disks, rope sheaves and pulleys, and the game frictionally connect. Also, the connection to the cardan shaft is easily possible here. Mounting flanges of the series "AF-12", "AF-22" and "AF-23" consist of a conical pressure ring and a conical inner. The function is comparable with the 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled). That is, by Tightening the screws, the pressure ring axially on the inner part. Through the use of conical surfaces of the inner diameter of the inner reduced portion, whereby a radial pressure on the shaft is to be exercised. Unlike 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled), clamp mounting flanges of the series "AFS", "AF-12", "AF-22" and "AF-23" directly on the shaft. The external clamping element for clamping force is applied is formed on the contact surfaces between the inner part and the shaft, a friction connection. Also the inside, have threaded parts of the mounting flanges on the basis of their low cone angle, via Imprint. So safe and easy dismantling is possible at any time. Mounting flanges must have, such as 2-part shrink discs (displacement-controlled), a well-defined Aufschubweg. This is a simplified Assembly without the use of a torque wrench is not possible. In comparison to other frictional Connections, not the flanges, the transmittable torque of the Mounting solely by the pressure of the conical function buttons mounted defined. Also the connection screws, due to the design of the mounting flanges must have a significant influence on the torque to be transmitted. One reason for this is that mounting flanges, compared to other external clamping elements are in the power flow. The transmittable forces are managed by the add-on part by the external clamping element to the shaft and the other way around. Therefore, the design of the screw connection for mounting flanges must be taken into account.









Types Of Mounting Flanges

Mounting flanges/ external clamping elements of the series "AF-12", "AF-22" and "AF-23" are manufactured in four different designs. Depending on customer requirements, design A "with the thread in the outer ring," type can be selected between the following different types:"", threaded in the outer ring and centering", "type C" with threaded attachment, as well as "design BC" with threaded attachment, and centering.

The application areas are similar to the Flange couplings. Cultivation technology, conveyor technology, flanges in the Navy, mixing and process engineering, water force technology used. In addition, to the extent elected the technical requirements to allow mounting flanges/ external clamping elements of the series "AFS", "AF-12", "AF-22" and "AF-23" as a cost-effective Alternative to the use of flange couplings of the series "FK" and "early childhood", as these usually have a more compact design, especially for larger shaft diameters.

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